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Supply, Installation, Maintenance & Repair for Manual & Automated Gate Systems
About Us
We are a local company offering bespoke made gates, both wooden and metal. Specialising in electric gate automation, access and entry systems. and offering a complete Gate Installation, Maintenance, Breakdown and Aftercare Service, with plans to suit. Refurbishment, Retrofits and Upgrades.
Automated gate suppliers, installation and repair. Clavering, Near Saffron Walden, Essex
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Telephone: 07398 128267
Automated gate suppliers, installation and repair. Clavering, Near Saffron Walden, Essex
Telephone: 07398 128267
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GB Gates have more than 20 years experience in Machine Engineering, we can ensure that the entrance to your property will not only look good but operate efficiently and reliably throughout its life, whilst meeting your requirements for security and convenience.

GB Gates supply and install automation equipment of the highest quality (e.g. CAME / FAAC / NICE / BFT) for new or existing gates depending on your requirements. So should you wish to keep the gates that you already have, it is often possible to add an automation system that still uses the same gates and piers. Contact GB Gates, we can advise with a no obligation consultation in to which retrofits and Safety features are available.

Gate Access Systems for your Home or Business

GB Gates have various options available from basic to advanced for both entrance or exit, enabling you to monitor access to and from your property. Beginning with various push buttons, keypads, radio transmitting remotes and ground inductive loops with/without timer for specific time periods during the day. Extending to more technological variations covering different types of audio & visual intercoms, wireless and GSM devices.

Gate Automation - Security and Convenience

Automated Iroko woodengate showing complete installation - GB Gates
Automated gate showing slide drive motor - GB Gates
Automated gate showing electric controller - GB Gates
Iroko wooden gate
with automated sliding action.

Pictures illustrate sliding drive motor and electric controller
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